Set Thrust Update

All our aircraft will be now delivered pre wired!   The wiring for servos, power plant battery wires and lighting kit wiring for those who order it.  In addition we have simplified the clevis design for elevator and rudder which are now pre-installed.

The A340-600 joins our A330-300 and A340-300.   The A340-600 has the same construction wing as the A330 but with ‘fowler flap style’ flap hinges.  We anticipate introducing a glass wing at some stage in the future as well as leading edge slats once we have achieved satisfaction on the weight cost of this upgrade.  We maintain the highest standards achievable so when we’ve finally perfected the glass wing it will be a straight forward retro-fit for existing -600 customers.    Power-plants are four 70mm EDF units operating on a lower kV motors to our A330 providing exceptional thrust but longer flight times.  Orders are now being accepted via email to

Build assistance is available during your build by the engineer of our team, Michael Sonneman, at Michael has extensive experience in the RC industry and is a fully qualified Airbus A330 ground engineer and as part of the Set Thrust team provides valuable support as we endeavour to finesse our aircraft and provide our customers with the very best in scale remote control aircraft.


  • A340-300

  • Cathay Pacific A330