Flight Test

We’ve returned home excited about another successful test flight. Tom, myself and a mate tested our Dragonair model out at the old Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong.

Check out our photos.


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  1. Pete Borgi


    Very interested by the A330 . I would love to see a video footage of a full flight !

  2. Richard Chomley


    Hi Pete. Try down on the bottom, left hand side of our home page and you will find our Youtube link which shows a full flight schedule in HD as well as some onboard footage as well. Cheers,


  3. Pete Borgi


    Thanks Richard , i’ve seen it ! Apparently a very nice looking and flying model . The only thing am affraid of , is my runway , a liitle bit short : 130 meters ! I think the model need a longuer runway for a smooth and nice landing . Anyway i am taking into consideration ordering one very soon ! Cheers,

  4. Richard Chomley


    Hi Pete. It’s always hard to comment on other peoples flying fields without actually seeing them. If you have a good clear way at either end with shallow approach and departure angles 130m is probably fine but as I say it’s hard to estimate without seeing your strip. A little flap for take off certainly helps shorten the take off roll.

  5. darius ronquillo


    impressive assembled other rc airbus but with retrat this is so cool..i send all the links and videos to some friends they like it…

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