Decal Examples

Here are some examples of our decals.

Set Thrust Decal Example 1

Set Thrust Decal Example 2

Set Thrust Decal Example 3



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  1. peter harding


    good job well done now how about makeing a 737-800 or 900 . i am mgoing to buy both the 330 and the 340-300 and the 600 cost for the 600 is. and how about the let lights how can i get the light pacage may be you can make a light pacage for the fleet? good go agin how to order. let me know . peter harding

  2. Richard Chomley


    Hello Peter. Many thanks for your kind words. We have no plans on building the 737 at the moment but there are a number of other airliners popular with customers so who knows in the future. We’re still battling away with minor technical issues on our A340-600 wing which has been delayed longer than we had intended but it will definitely be a phenomenal machine when released. We’ll be able to update you and everyone else regarding the A340-600 price as soon as we’ve signed it off as ready for release.


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