Introducing our custom made lighting package designed specifically for the large scale airliner.

The lighting system incorporates high intensity lights that can be visibly seen during day light hours.  Nav lights, strobe lights, landing lights, beacon lights and taxy lights scaled exactly for the large airliner.  The circuitry is designed so that the landing and taxy lights can be switched on and off utilising any receiver channel or coupled with any flight control system such as the extension or retraction of the landing gear.  Each wire extension is connected to the circuit board with a plug which allows for simple installation.
Unlike other lighting systems and in line with the quality of our A330 we have used only the best of materials.  Examples of this lighting system in action can be seen in some of the videos on our home page
The package includes wing tip covers for the nav and strobe lights together with wing covers for the landing lights.

Price: $49.00

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