About Us

“ Set Thrust ” was born from a combination of both the frustration and intrigue that we had developed at not being able to find a beautifully scaled, decently sized remote control airliner anywhere on the market.

Our initial design criteria was based on the concept that it must be easily transportable by car to the flying field and be powered by a commonly found, practical to source power setup. As for the initial aircraft type? Well, that was the easy part, as the two partners in the company, we (Tom and Richard) are both currently operating the type as Captains and are enthusiasts of the A330 from an aesthetic point of view so it was a natural place to start. We have day-to-day access to the aircraft as well which has allowed us to measure every part and detail considered worth replicating and scale it down to our 2m long, 2m wingspan remote control version.

Hong Kong is an exciting, vibrant place with China just a few kilometers up the road and across the border. Kai Tak, the old Hong Kong international airport has been a haven for radio control fliers over the recent years.

There was nothing more satisfying than touching down after the piano keys on the old, original runway with all the historical landmarks passing by in the background as the landing roll is completed. It is a place to meet the locals and witness just how much passion that this hobby has in our compact city.  Some of these local RC enthusiasts have factories in China and it has been a great opportunity to make valuable contacts with some really outstanding people which is where it all started.

Slowly we’ve expanded our fleet over the years and we expect to continue to excite the RC world out there as we slowly release new and beautifully scaled airliners.  Our one mandate has been to only release new aircraft once we’re happy they are at an impeccable standard.

We hope you enjoy yours.